Conducting clinical trials in Turkey offers several advantages:

Established regulatory framework

Turkey has a well-established, centralized regulatory framework. In 1994, largely due to the efforts of SALUBRIS-cro's staff, regulations related to clinical studies were implemented. Since then, several hundred clinical studies have been conducted to ICH-GCP standards. In Turkey, regulatory and ethics approvals are obtained promptly to facilitate rapid set up of clinical trials. (back)

Qualified and highly motivated medical professionals

SALUBRIS-cro collaborates with a network of qualified and well-experienced medical professionals. The investigators are teaching physicians in Turkey's best medical schools and they practice in most medical specialties. They have been involved in several phase II, III and IV trials. They are interested in the scientific aspects of clinical research and are highly motivated and available. (back)

Comprehensive facilities

Investigators collaborating with SALUBRIS-cro practice in well equipped University hospitals. The latest high technology facilities are available to conduct clinical studies. (back)

High-speed recruitment capacities

A centralized health system allows the investigation centers rapid access to a large population with regular follow-up registers. The advantages offered by conducting clinical trials in Turkey also include the presence of some particular patient groups, such as treatment naïve populations, or pathologies that are less common in other parts of the world.

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