SALUBRIS-cro is characterized by its:

International locations and staff

Our operations are international with locations in the United States, Europe and Turkey. We are well positioned to facilitate clinical research for U.S. and European firms, utilizing the special advantages provided by performing research in Turkey. SALUBRIS-cro's administrative headquarters is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The medical and commercial directorate is located on the outskirts of Paris, France. The consulting and monitoring staff is primarily situated in Turkey and in France. (back)

Expertise with Turkish and European Regulations

The senior staff of SALUBRIS-cro has unique knowledge and experience with the Turkish regulatory system. The Turkish site manager is a former member of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our senior staff was instrumental in the drafting and implementation of the Turkish regulations related to clinical studies. With this unique combination of experiences, SALUBRIS-cro is the most qualified CRO for conducting clinical trials in Turkey.
The staff of
SALUBRIS-cro has conducted clinical trials in several European countries and has been involved in product licensing in Europe. (back)

Contacts within health authorities

SALUBRIS-cro maintains extensive contacts with Turkish and European Health Authorities, i.e., ministries of health, central and local ethics committees, etc. (back)

Contacts within the medical profession

SALUBRIS-cro has organized a network among highly qualified, experienced and motivated medical professionals who are ready to operate immediately in all medical specialties. (back)

International experience

The senior staff of SALUBRIS-cro has worked in the medical departments of European and American pharmaceutical companies and has wide experience in clinical research at the international level. They have conducted trials in Europe, the USA, South America, and Turkey. They are experienced with international standards and regulations.

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