About Us


SALUBRIS GROUP provides research, development, manufacturing, distribution and services in new and evolving technologies.

The headquarters is based in Boston, Massachusetts with plants and offices internationally.

SALUBRIS GROUP includes three business entities: SALUBRIS-medica, SALUBRIS-R&D and SALUBRIS-technica.

SALUBRIS-medica specializes in biotechnology products. It engages in a wide range of activities including manufacturing distribution and related services. The tuberculosis diagnostic products have received worldwide attention.

SALUBRIS-R&D is a dynamic research & development team with more than 20 biotechnology projects in its pipeline.

SALUBRIS-technica is engaged in research & development and manufacturing of new technology devices.



We are working hard to participate to the global fight against coronavirus. Our sampling and real-time PCR kits are available for a reliable diagnosis of COVID-19.


Salubris-medica offers the most complete, innovative, easy and affordable solutions for the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Infectious Diseases

Our R&D department develop smart and reliable diagnosis tools for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our products are designed to save time and money.