provides research, development, manufacturing, distribution and services in new and evolving technologies.

The headquarters is based in Boston, Massachusetts with plants and offices internationally.

SALUBRIS GROUP includes four companies: SALUBRIS, Inc., SALUBRIS A.S., SALUBRIS-R&D and SALUBRIS-technica, and two business entities, SALUBRIS-medica and SALUBRIS-cro.

SALUBRIS-medica specializes in biotechnology products. It engages in a wide range of activities including manufacturing, distribution and related services. The tuberculosis diagnostic products have received worldwide attention.

SALUBRIS-R&D is a dynamic research & development team with more than 20 biotechnology projects in its pipeline.

SALUBRIS-technica is engaged in research & development and manufacturing of new technology devices.

SALUBRIS-cro is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in the organization and management of clinical trials in Europe and in Turkey.